Havre Volcano

TODAY, words from this article capture my interest, as I incrementally investigate as a layperson:

“Magma Reservoirs, Chambers and Mushes”: How do we know they exist? The vigor and size of volcanic eruptions depend on what happens in magma reservoirs in the Earth’s crust. When magmatic activity occurs within continental areas, large reservoirs of viscous, gas-rich magma can be generated and cataclysmically discharged into the atmosphere during explosive supereruptions. As currently understood, large pools of explosive magma are produced by extracting interstitial liquid from long-lived “crystal mushes” (magmatic sponges containing >50 vol% of crystals) and collecting it in unstable liquid-dominated lenses.


Back to the bucket that started my interest:

31deg 1.9’South 178deg 58.8’West 1830 m depth

31deg 1.9’South, 178deg 58.8’West, 1830 m depth

Hi Joan – I’m out with ROV Jason and Sentry AUV here 2 days north of New Zealand at Havre Volcano, a submarine volcano that erupted in 2012.  We have been doing some gravity coring and there was some extra mud that I’ve stashed away for you.  The Jason system will be back at WHOI in late June and I’ll bring it over to you.

If you want info on where we are and about Havre Volcano you can find it at this website.

Hope all is well with you.

The position of the mud sample is:

31deg 1.9’S
178deg 58.8’W
1830 m depth



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